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Nails no longer are they incidental, neglected extensions at the end of your digits. To finish your makeup programme the last step is nail makeup. Here all you have to do is be creative and as daring as you can.

The basic care of nail is very important and hence regularly manicure and pedicure for having healthy and beautiful nails. See Manicure and Pedicure on our related beauty topics.

Some useful tips

Slim the look of wide nail bases with an oval shape.

Pastels and neutrals go the distance on longer, rounder nails.

Darker polish looks best on short, squared nails.

Narrow nail beds appear stronger with a soft square shape.

Create a lighter side of bold: add drops of a dark, rich creme to a bottle of clear polish and shake.

Storing polish in a warm place may change its consistency. Keep nail shades in the refrigerator or a bathroom cabinet.

Experiment and you will come up with something very trendy and genuine.

Nails for different occasions

Interviews: Keep nails clean, simple and short. Use neutral shades.

Party/late night: Arrive dark and dramatic: Plum Fairy, Midnight Metal Cabernet, or Classic Red.

Naturally Casual: Pink Snow, Clear Ice, any other shade that is trendy, young and attractive.

Take the time to cultivate your nails

Stop biting them!
Use a nail hardener to protect them from splitting and peeling.
Vitamin E supplements keep nails growing long and strong.