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The first thing you ought to know is your skin type before applying any make up to your skin. Listed below is makeup tips for normal, dry, oily and combination skin.

Normal Skin

Normal Skin usually looks and feels smooth but can also react to changes in the environment: oilier in the summer and drier in the winter.

Makeup tips
Choose a foundation for normal skin.

Apply a layer of moisturizer underneath for dry, winter conditions or whenever you enter a parched environment.

Keep a pressed powder on hand for oilier moments or more humid days.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin occurs naturally as you age and the oil glands decrease their output. Dryness may also reflect your skin's sensitivity to skin care products, cleansers, diet, or even emotions. The occasional blotchy patch can result from dryness, too.

Makeup tips
Choose a double-duty foundation that moisturizes while helping to smooth out skin tone.

Avoid alcohol-based products.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is shiny and uneven. It leaves the house feeling clean and fresh but by noon suffers from shine.

Makeup tips
Start with a gentle toner on your clean skin.

Use water-based formulas for all your make-up, especially foundation. · A concealer stick helps hide the effects of breakouts.

A powder is your best friend to help control your oily look throughout the day.