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Lips are an integral part of makeup. Moist, smooth lips hold colour best. Look beautiful by following these basic tips for healthy and great looking lips.
Your lip colour should flatter and liven your complexion. Pale skins should avoid strong, vivid colours which may harden the look. Dark sin looks exotic with bright, punchy flame-like colours. Sallow skins should avoid yellow tones like oranges and some browns. Matte lipsticks are no longer in fashion. Glossy lip colours are in vogue.
Application of lipstick is an art in itself. You can achieve different kinds of look with different techniques of applying lip colour. You can create a sexy pout and make thin lips look full.

Procedure :

With a lip brush, make a v on the cut on the upper lip and outline either side to the out corners.
Follow the lip line down either side of the lower lip meeting at the centre.
Fill in with lipstick directly applied within the outline.
For a richer effect apply clear gloss to the centre of your lips.

Give dry, flaky lips the brush-off; add "brushing your lips" to your morning ritual using a soft toothbrush or terry washcloth. Now add some lip balm to smooth the way for lipstick-worthy lips!

Apply moisturising cream before going to bed. Always give your lips a touch of clear, rich moisture at bedtime. Do it each night, and you'll wake up to softer lips in no time at all!

All day
Avoid over-exposure to the sun, which can dry your lips the way it dries the rest of you. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, we suggest a 'triple' lipstick, with moisturizers and sunscreen built right in.

How to find more suitable colour
Most important things for right colour choosing are skin colour, hair colour and shape of your lips.

For light skin and blonde hair: all shades of orange, pink, purple.
For dark skin and dark hair: all shades of red, violet.
For light skin and dark hair: all shades of brown and beige.
For red hair women: coral-red, brown and bronze colours.

Try These Out

Shimmery Lips
Beauty's latest crush is with shimmery lip colors in golden shades and iced pastels. Keep your lips looking sweet with moisturizing lipsticks or glosses in pearly nude, candy pink, lilac, silver and gold.

Party Lips
Party season demands high profile lips! Treat him to flavor-filled kisses with fruit-flavored lip-glosses. For that techno, ultra-gloss look - apply a dash of metallic lip-gloss over lipstick in the center of your lips.

Puckering Lips
Pucker-proof lips are a sure thing when you use a lip pencil to fill in your entire lip area (not just the edges) and then top with gloss in a slightly lighter color.

Lip Color
Red and wine colors rock on lips. Choose a sheer shade to be safe or if you're daring, try solid color. Reds with yellow or orange-bases suit darker skin tones whilst reds with blue-bases suit fairer skins.

Glossy lips
Gloss is more fashionable than lipstick and you can get away with it at school. So think baby lips - hints of pink and a natural shine. We love Poppy Shine, Blistex Lip Conditioner and Clinique Glosswear.

Kissable Lips
Chapped lips don't look pretty and aren't nice to kiss, so make sure yours are always smooth and soft by applying lip balm every day. The best ones to soothe dry lips are Blistex, Bonne Bell, Body Shop and Carmex.

Luscious Lips
For smooth, lush lips, smear a little lip balm underneath your lipstick or a dab of thick gloss in the center of your lips. We love pinks and berries for March.

Lipcolour Shades That Best For Your Skin Tone

Are you a fair skinned and want to wear a red lipstick? Or maybe, you're a medium olive skin tone, looking for a pink lipstick that will look right for you. Here's a guide for most skin tones to help you chose the correct shade of lipstick that is most suitable for you.

Fair skin
Deep plum reds: Soft berry and wine reds with a blue undertone. Avoid reds with an orange undertone. These can make you look washed out and ashy. Sheer medium brown with pink undertones or beige lipsticks with a pink undertone flatter fair skins.
Browns: Mocha browns, and darker brown/pink lipsticks are also flattering for an evening lip look. Extra pale browns with yellow undertones, make fair skin look washed out.
Pinks: Pinks look fantastic on fair skin. sheer, light shiny pink lipsticks with blue undertones work well. Pink with a slight gold shimmer also enhance this skin tone very nicely. Dusty roses with or without shimmer are good ones. Stay away from hot pink lipstick as it overpowers fair skins.

Medium skin
Deep reds are most flattering. Blue-reds brighten medium skin with a yellow undertone. Brown, warm reds will soften and look warm on medium skin.
Browns: Browns that are very pale can make medium skins look ashy and washed out. Stick to rich caramel shades, medium brown with yellow or pink undertones, and creamy coffee colour browns. Sheer browns in these varying shades can also be very flattering.
Pinks: Rich and deep pinks which tend to fall on warm look best on medium skin. Also pinks with brown undertones enhance and flatter medium skins very well. Sheers, creams, and mattes can all be tried and tested with much success using these shades of pink.

Olive/Yellowish skin
Rich, deep brown reds and deep, dark berry shades. Stay away from orange/reds and pink/reds.
Browns: Browns with a red or auburn/mahogany undertone work well with this skin tone. Also, rich browns that resemble coffee, toffee, and chocolate colors work well.
Pinks: Deep berries, rich rose, and soft to medium plums are very flattering to this skin tone which have very strong yellow undertones. Avoid pinks that are to cool and too light as these pinks can make complexion look draining.

Brown/Black skin
Try red with a blue undertone, which are deep and rich. Also, mahogany, and deep plums, and wine reds are worth trying. Avoid orange and pink reds here.
Browns: Almost any shade of brown suits black skin. Sheer and shimmery light browns to a rich, dark, coffee brown.
Pinks: Medium and soft sheer pinks are very flattering. A hint of pink in glosses and sheers with a touch of beige can really enhance this skin tone. Berries, deep roses, and plums also flatter this skin tone.