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Handy Tips

To preserve the nutrients, keep fresh juices in dark colour glasses before refrigerating them.

Boil tamarind in non-stick vessels to keep them sparkling clean

To make paneer tasty, add a pinch of salt and small pieces of green chillies and capsicum to the milk before curdling it into paneer.

If the cucumber turns out to be bitter, immerse the pieces in water that has been used to wash and soak rice for half an hour. The cucumbers will no longer be bitter.

Rub the silver utensils with tooth powder to get back its shining.

To clean tiled foor, add a little phenyle and 1 tablespoon of kerosene to a bucket of water. The solution will make the tiles shine and also keeps the mosquitoes away.

Baking powders' freshness can be tested by putting a teaspoon into a cup of hot water. If it fizzles, them it's fresh.

To eliminate a toilet's waterline pour in two cups of white vinegar and allow to soak overnight. Flush the toilet in the morning - Kamala Selvan, Vikrampuri

Always remember to trim the wick before burning a candle. This helps to prevent uneven burning and increases the life of your candle - Kamala Selvan, Vikrampuri

Vaseline is an excellent coating for sticky substances. Apply a bit around the trim of your nail polish bottle so it's easy to open - Kamala Selvan, Vikrampuri

Place a small bag of ajwain in your wardrobe to prevent the zari saree from turning black. - Poonam Rajhans, Vigyana Kancha

Don't cook the spinach in a pressure cooker instead cook in an open vessel to retain its green colour - Shrey.L, Masab Tank

If your skin is badly tanned, apply raw potato juice to get rid of the tan - M. Sirajuddin, Hyderabad

While Mopping the floor, add two teaspoons salt to water to keep flies at bay - M. Sirajuddin, Hyderabad

To remove paan stains from clothes, rub them with a piece of guava - Seema Lakhotia, Hyderabad

To have stain free unbreakable plates, wash them with wheat flour - Semma Lakhotia, Hyderabad

During parties or in a restaurant, sprinkle salt over your beverage napkin to prevent your glass from sticking to the napkin when pick it up - Kalyani L, Begumpet

Another good hair rinse and hair lightener is lemon juice. use the lemon juice as a last rinse, then stand in sun for a sun-kissed look - Susheela.M, Himayatnagar

Real pearls can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. If you wear them regularly, clean them with a cloth dipped in a very dilute solution of dish-washing liquid. Wipe off with a damp cloth and dry - Kanchan Sachdeva, Habsiguda