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Proper hair care is also an important part of your makeup programme. Your hair should look healthy and lustrous for that perfect look.

Begin your hair care plan when you begin your skincare plan.

Condition each time you shampoo.
Limit the use of hair dryers or heat styling tools.
Consult with your hairstylist several weeks prior to your special day. Take along any accessories and a picture of the dress so the stylist knows what they will be working with.
For great hair always eat a well balanced diet.

Hairstyles should be chosen according to your face structure, skin colour, colour of your eyes and lifestyle requirements.

While you select your style be sure to take into consideration the texture or your hair also.

Certain hairstyles and treatments can cause breakage or root damage. Avoid excessively tight braiding, buns, or ponytails. Do not roll your hair too tightly in curlers. Teasing and backcombing should be done gently or not at all.